Five Ways Leaders Can Support Remote Work

Remote employees also reported seeing larger, negative impacts on results like productivity, costs, deadlines, morale, stress and retention than their onsite colleagues. Managing remote teams looks different in 2021. A year into forced work-from-home, it’s up to remote managers to maintain company culture and the key relationships between teammates for long-term remote success.

  • Employees might grumble about meetings under normal circumstances, but many COVID-19 Pulse of HR respondents said that daily team huddles helped them remain focused and engaged while working remotely.
  • This is not a normal remote working situation.
  • Emphasize the importance of your employees setting boundaries and finding something positive to do that is not work related.
  • I realize that some will ask a lot of you, but with some amazing pay off.

The figure below lists some of the most highly ranked ways that organizations helped their employees maintain work-life balance while working remotely. Other popular policies included adjusting employees’ workloads to accommodate family responsibilities and making it easier for employees to take paid time off. Employees also valued corporate initiatives explicitly designed to help them manage stress and maintain mental well-being. The most commonly cited obstacle to effective communication was conflicting messages from different parts of the organization. Different functions, including HR, finance, legal, and operations, should send a unified message to all stakeholders, including front-line employees, remote workers, vendors, subcontractors, consultants, and customers.

Take Charge Of Team Bonding

If your community is facing intense pressure because of coronavirus this week or next, consider implementing more flexible schedules or giving folks a few days off to refocus. Work is important, but quality of life comes first. It’s understandable that a once-in-a-lifetime crisis would distract leaders from their existing priorities, but it’s also a mistake. In many cases, strategic objectives set before COVID-19 will remain as important or even more critical in the future. The shift to remote work, however, creates new challenges to achieving these objectives.

Are they the main caregiver in their household? Reinforce that it’s okay if a 5-year-old accidentally interrupts a meeting, just as it’s also okay to still take sick, personal, and mental health days when you’re working from home. Virtual social activities, such as lunch and learns, coffee breaks, online exercise classes, and happy hours, were also frequently mentioned as ways companies can help employees overcome social isolation. These activities were not as highly ranked by voters as personal check-ins and were as likely to be mentioned in bottom-quartile responses as they were in top-quartile ones.

managing a remote team during covid-19

We are using ZOOM and Microsoft Teams (which hasn’t been used a lot by most of the staff) to stay connected. Our full staff is 13 full-time and 2 part-time staff. A weekly all staff ZOOM meeting is scheduled, plus I have scheduled bi-weekly meetings with my department. Along with all the great suggestions from Justin and everyone else, I am openly sharing with my staff that I know this is a challenging adjustment.

Encourage Time Off

Coworker bonding looks vastly different while remote. Even after a year of work-from-home, remote managers still struggle to recreate the magic of office events and connection. Thankfully, practicing empathy can help you restructure virtual spaces into opportunities for relationship building. Sound like everyday manager duties to you? You’ll need to be more intentional than you’ve been before.

Things like online happy hours and yoga classes are a fine way to facilitate social bonding, but they cannot substitute for leaders personally touching base with their teams. Using a natural language processing platform developed by CultureX, the authors clarified responses into hundreds of granular topics and aggregated topics under six broad categories. While remote teams have figured out how to hit OKRs, creating a culture of open communication and psychological safety is a much harder target. A lack of body language and cross-the-room glances makes trust more important and more difficult than ever. With high-EQ, remote managers can lead with care and promote open communication. Remote work is here to stay and will bring new challenges and opportunities.

By framing feedback as learning, however, these conversations can drive the team’s greatest growth. The best remote teams acknowledge individual feedback styles and take care to share input at an appropriate time. More importantly, managers constantly ask for feedback so channels are a two-way street. The top three challenges of remote management are isolation, expectation-setting, and burnout.

Experienced remote teams know writing is a superpower and have set rules for how they share information. The shift to remote work, however, also provides opportunities to accelerate progress on strategic priorities. Nearly 10% of respondents mentioned remote learning opportunities as one of the most effective steps their organization had taken to build their skills during the quarantine.

Our desks are not setup the same way, stuff isn’t as easily accessible, and even the chairs we’re sitting in are different. I am encouraging them to get up and move. It’s easy for us to call or email each other, but I want them to be comfortable reaching out to each other using the video option in Teams. We all need face-to-face contact, or we will really fell isolated.

The best remote leaders add a human element across a virtual environment. Each of these remote manager challenges can be tackled with a bit of vulnerability and emotional literacy. Help distributed employees stay productive and engaged. Remote work can boost productivity, particularly on stand-alone tasks that require minimal coordination with colleagues. They write regularly on emotional intelligence and people-first leadership.

Gaining market share is hard under the best of circumstances, let alone when market demand is collapsing. Leaders must figure out how to build and sustain a healthy corporate culture when most employees are working Managing a Remote Team from home. The most popular way to help employees manage work-life balance, mentioned by 10% of respondents, was making allowances for them to adjust their schedules to accommodate personal obligations.

InHerSight is the career navigator for working women. Anonymously rate your current or former employer now to unlock our one-of-a-kind resources. Given the state of things, it’s unlikely many of your employees will be able to take vacations any time soon, and that’s a problem considering work and home are now combined. It will be very easy for people to roll out of bed and “into the office,” to take calls at odd hours, and to very quickly become burned out. Emphasize the importance of your employees setting boundaries and finding something positive to do that is not work related. Model that type of behavior by sharing what you are doing with your team.

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Yes, it is important to respond to your team quickly, but not at the sacrifice of having dinner with your family or getting a good night’s sleep! It’s important to care for our mental wellbeing during this unusual time! Try to use multiple means of communication to connect with your remote workers. Don’t just resort to phone or email but get familiar with video conferencing technologies and a variety of services like Skype, Slack, Zoom, GoToMeeting, to name a few. Get skilled at setting up and running meetings using these technologies, as if this was going to be your new reality moving forward.

managing a remote team during covid-19

It’s not your job as a manager to be everyone’s therapist , but you should be available to listen to your team’s needs and make changes accordingly. Donald Sull (@culturexinsight) is a senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management and cofounder of CultureX. Josh Bersin (@josh_bersin) is a global industry analyst, covering HR, talent, and leadership, and is the founder of The Josh Bersin Academy.

Five Ways Leaders Can Support Remote Work

These 21 tips cover only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to supporting your remote team. The online survey was conducted by CultureX and Josh Bersin from March 31 through April 15, 2020. The survey included the free-text question, “What are the most pressing HR challenges for your organization?

So grateful you emailed this useful piece out. We’ve gotten a lot of unnecessary junk the last three days and this shone through. From stubborn habits to difficult people to monumental changes, we can help. The survey results, including the most popular best practices, are available at

managing a remote team during covid-19

Her bylines include Fast Company, Charlotte magazine, The Charlotte Observer, SouthPark magazine, Southbound magazine, and Atlanta magazine. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. The following five principles, based on our research, can help leaders more effectively manage a distributed workforce.

What is surprising is that employees were nearly twice as likely (29%) to praise steps to foster mental wellness and help them combat social isolation. This rapid shift has surfaced challenges with remote work that may have escaped people’s notice when the practice was more limited in scope. To understand these challenges, we conducted two surveys in April. At the start of the pandemic in the U.S., project management platform Basecamp gave its employees two additional days off to prepare—to buy groceries, to navigate child care, you know the drill by now. While this isn’t necessary all the time, there are moments when it’s important, like the first day school is canceled and parents need to regroup, or when your city has a sudden surge of the outbreak. Now more than ever is the time to take into account the way life outside work is affecting your employees’ ability to focus and be productive.

Tips On How To Manage A Remote Team

Teams are sick of spending another hour on camera. To create async spaces for bonding, managers called their employees on the phone, encouraged photo-sharing on Slack, and found creative games to play. This solution was incredibly popular among the remote managers we interviewed.

Topics In This Article

Remote employees should be able to count on you to respond quickly to pressing concerns. Check in frequently and regularly with remote employees. The cadence of the check-ins can vary from daily to bi-weekly to weekly but should always be consistent and entail a standing meeting or scheduled one-on-one. As a manager of a new remote team, here are seven tips on how to manage a remote team that you can try right away. I realize that some will ask a lot of you, but with some amazing pay off.

It’s no wonder why major companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Zillow announced plans for ongoing work-from-home. With long-term remote work on the horizon, it’s time to switch gears. Strategies that got teams through the initial remote transition aren’t as effective now. Managing remote teams in 2021 looks different––it’s about helping teams thrive, not just survive, while fully remote.

A previous study we did shows that the difficulty of managing remote teams is not unique to a quarantine. Distance has a way of magnifying challenges in relationships. Specifically, people who work from home have a significantly harder time addressing challenges. When they had concerns, 84 percent of remote employees said their concerns dragged on for a few days or more, and 47 percent admitted to letting them drag on for a few weeks or more.

I work in payroll for a large employer, and all that you wrote is very helpful. More than 1 in 5 employees don’t feel their team members have good enough collaboration habits to work effectively from home. Most organizations have taken quick action to keep their employees safe and healthy. At InHerSight, we use data to help women find and improve companies where they can achieve their goals.

Structured mechanisms to share best practices and tips on remote work were also popular. And, you’re right in assuming managers play a particularly important role. We’ve found that when managers model stellar communication, especially when it’s really transparent and timely, the rest of the team follows suit.

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