My Answers To The H5bp Front End Developer Interview Questions

Now that you know what types of questions you’ll face in your interview, you can begin to practice your answers. Grab a friend, set up a video call, or practice out loud to yourself. The best way to prepare is to simulate the interview conditions, so you’ll want to practice giving answers verbally.

Another approach is using a library like Bootstrap, which already has the code to handle the browser-specific styling issue. Here we use a variable and assignment operator to store the function as an object, then using that variable, we will be able to invoke the function itself. The best thing about Open Source is that the community vets the contents, so you can be sure the answers here have been proofread by many.

front-end developer interview questions

This might mean creating a single large sprite with all images used for the app, which can signficantly reduce page weight. It might also mean replacing PNG files with SVG files when possible. I’d also look for opportunities to re-create graphics using CSS when possible. So, in the above example, we may have shipped a very nicely designed page with stacked content and then later added the tabs. Starting with a baseline of usable functionality, then increasing the richness of the user experience step by step by testing for support for enhancements before applying them. The pseudo element property is used to style one aspect of an element, such as the first letter of a paragraph.

The outermost element that uses the block layout establishes the initial block layout rules. Every element laid inside the initial block will follow the same rules. The initial block rules are outlined by the CSS Box model. Elements in a BFC would have the same margins, borders, padding and would interact with other blocks in the same context. Local Storage – This data is stored on the client’s computer.

Front End Interview Handbook

Earlier front-end development was just about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but now we have a myriad of front-end libraries, frameworks, and other UI tools too. While the frontend developer is a programmer that codes the front end of a website and ensures that a visibility of site remains same throughout different web browsers. Some organizations will have you take a programming test before you’re selected for an interview, so don’t be caught off-guard if you’re asked to complete one. You’ve got all the skills you need to succeed after taking online courses and practicing your development skills by building websites. This could be either before or after the images, scripts, and other contents are loaded.

I’ve never used the async or defer variants, but I’d say they allow for either loading a script concurrently, or deferring loading of a script. In the main page content area, add an unordered list containing slide show content. I’d use tabs, but I would also inquire as to why tabs were being used and check to see if there was any interest in switching to using spaces for new projects. Enhance your skill set and boost your hirability through innovative, independent learning. Providing an alternative version of your functionality or making the user aware of shortcomings of a product as a safety measure to ensure that the product is usable.

front-end developer interview questions

Although the role of front-end developers is always underplayed, they play a crucial role in web development. To save you some time in your preparations, we’ve compiled a list of behavioral interview questions that a Front-End Developer is likely to face. The first few are quite general, but they’re tried and true. The last few are more directed to development concepts but are high-level enough that it’ll give the interviewer some insight into how you work and collaborate. Behavioral interview questions are focused on who you are as a developer, as a teammate, and as an individual.

What Skills Do Frontend Developers Need To Demonstrate?

What makes this question interesting is not whether the frontend interviewee has used an MVC, but what his or her preferences and experience reveal. Candidates who are able to articulate why they use one MVC over another show that they are engaged in what they do, care about the technology and have considered different options. You want to be able to trust your frontend developer to keep up to date with which technologies are relevant and have a clear idea of when and what should be used. Are you hiring new frontend developers or are you applying to a frontend dev position?

Static – Elements are positioned static by default, these elements are not affected by positional attributes . If an element is positioned static it follows the normal flow of the page. While writing HTML it is a common practice to add an end tag, some tags in HTML do not require end tags. When the browser hits the next occurrence of the tag it automatically ends the previous tags. A bigger learning curve as the user would need a proper understanding of the preprocessor before they can utilize it.

It’s difficult because you want to gauge someone’s technical ability and knowledge, but also their creativity, originality, and drive. The key, then, is to ask questions that touch on technical issues, but also give the developer some space to express their ideas and communicate the unique elements they can bring to the role. In this article we lay out our 7 favorite interview questions for frontend developers, along with a higher-end summary of the topics you should touch on and the skills the candidate should demonstrate. HTML and CSS are the bedrock of a frontend’s developer toolkit, so it’s important that the interviewer probe the candidate’s knowledge of these programming languages.

My Answers To The H5bp Front End Developer Interview Questions

Below are some broad categories that these questions fall into. If you like this article on best front-end interview questions or have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments box. HTTP RequestsDescriptionGETGET request is sent when we want to retrieve data from the server. It is the most commonly used HTTP request.POSTThe POST request is used to send data from the user to the server. It’s the job of the front-end developer to build a user interface that facilitates the visitor-website interaction.

Yangshun’s front-end-interview-handbook also gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself from time to time. Your developer resume will give the interviewer a good place to start with their questions, so be sure that it highlights your front-end development skills. They’ll be looking for competency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, user interface skills, and possibly other programming languages and libraries included in their tech stack. A great resource (the best resource?) for front end developer interview questions, is the H5BP list.

front-end developer interview questions

Udacity Nanodegree programs represent collaborations with our industry partners who help us develop our content and who hire many of our program graduates. And most of the question already listed by other people. Explain the differences between the IE and DOM standard event model. Explain the importance of standards and standards bodies. Multiple domains could increase the number of parallel downloads that the browser can perform.

Standards is what allows me to use the same markup across many browsers and know with a reasonable amount of certainty that the page will render identically or similarly. It reduces the need for checking what user agent is in use and modifying the markup/code to suit. It also allow a completely new developer to come on board to a project and still be able write markup or code that is consistent with that of other developers. Before we get to specific questions, let’s first discuss the areas of proficiency that a frontend developer must demonstrate.


While frontend developers are pleasers, we mustn’t forget about ourselves. Come up with your own set of wishes, requirements, and questions to ask. The other programming language that almost any frontend developer must be proficient in is Javascript, along with related libraries like Jquery.

  • Each developer will share a different workflow which will give some insight into their organizational capacity and general technical preferences.
  • It’s light on resources but the code can be a bit verbose.
  • But you really should check out all the questions and find the answers.
  • Although local storage data does not have an expiration date it can be cleared by the user.
  • I’ve been hearing about how great of a functional programming language it is for a while now.
  • Soft, though by name might suggest something banal, are crucial for professional development and success.

Well, first, you want to make sure your page will support all the various characters of the language, so be sure to set character encoding to utf-8 at the very beginning. You also want to inform robots of the various languages in use in the doctype. Other than that, I’d say it’s implementation and domain-specific. Here is the list of most important questions that can be asked in interviews. Make yourself ready with this comprehensive list of interview questions.

To get around the fact that not all browsers support content served as XML, many XHTML files are actually served using the text/html MIME type. It informs the web browser about the type and version of HTML used in building the web document. While the HTML syntax for this statement is somewhat simple, you must note each version of HTML has its own rules. Cross Origin Resource Sharing refers to when secure data is being requested from a domain other than the domain from which the content is being served. First, I’d try to reduce the number of static assets in use overall.

Programming Language Alternatives

Right now, I’m very interested in learning Relay and GraphQL. Graceful degradation is more of a waterfall-oriented model, while Progressive Enhancement is more aligned with Agile and Iterative methods. Git and Subversion, though it’s been a while since I used the latter. The ability to create something out of nothing and then nurture it and see if grow and evolve, front-end developer somewhat like being a gardener, but in which you are the creator of your own plants. One of the many interesting things I learned was to use instead of for loops, which reduces side effects, eg I am not creating a special variable just to be able iterate through a collection. Udacity is not an accredited university and we don’t confer traditional degrees.

On the other hand, technical interview questions are the ones that get into the weeds of the code you’ll work with day-in and day-out. These are the questions the interviewer will ask to determine if you have the programming skills to hit the ground running. Some of the questions will ask you to define programming concepts, and others will ask how you apply your programming skills to solve a specific problem.

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Ruby and Rails also use a templating language called Slim. For variables in JavaScript, you have to add semi-colon at the end of it to execute while in CoffeeScript there is no need to add Semi-colon at the end of the statement. Unlike, JavaScript, CoffeeScript adds up semi-colon with ease.

This includes different ways of declaring the character encoding or language declarations inside the document. Appendix C of the XHTML specification recommends a small number of compatibility guidelines when serving XHTML as HTML. These compatibility guidelines are particularly important for legacy versions of browsers.

Also, quirksmode is (was?) a legendary blog by Peter-Paul Koch. A CSS animation will likely require much less code since you are leveraging the browser’s graphics engine. However, they are really only suited for a more standard animation, such as a left-right transitions. JS animations will increase page weight, since you are providing all the code for the animation, but they are better suited for something very customized where you need a lot of control.

You can ask specific questions about naming conventions or preprocessors, or provide a mockup for them to build into a full layout. GitHub repository of job interview questions for frontend web developers, including general questions, fun questions and technology-specific questions. Very helpful – and also the some inspiration for our team.

ID’s are generally used to style elements that only appear once on a page, such as one instance of a navigational menu. Classes are used to style multiple elements in the same fashion, such as the appearance of links. The POST request is commonly used to create data in the database. Hoisting is the default behavior of JS, which moves up the declaration of any variable at the top of its module or function scope, but the assignment of the variable will remain at the same position.

Coding, revising your code, and learning new tricks should be something you are doing all the time. Flask uses thread local objects internally so that user don’t have to pass objects around from function to function within a request in order to stay threadsafe. This approach is useful, but it requires a valid request context for dependency injection or when attempting to reuse code which uses a value pegged to the request. When you work on projects, you’ll have to problem solve, debug, and research possible methods to assist you.

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