What is Tech Giveback?

Tech Giveback is a platform to assist Businesses to meet their CSR through donation of their excess IT equipment to charities and not-for-profit organizations. this platform enables organizations to opt in to donating their unwanted assets in the place of our IT Asset Value Recovery Service.

Why is Rcube facilitating this?

Rcube aims to give back to the community by organizing and facilitating this transaction of unwanted assets to contribute to our CSR as it allows us to utilize our skill and experience in the industry for the betterment of the community.

How does Rcube add value to this transaction?

Rcube is a leading expert in the Australian ITAD industry. The knowledge possessed by our business allows us to ensure that organizations that partner with us are receiving valuable, usable assets and we have the superior ability to connect large corporations with smaller organization in need.

IT Asset Value Recovery Service
IT Asset Value Recovery Service in Sydney

Rcube’s Partnership with Fusion Australia

We partnered with Fusion Australia to allow enterprises to donate their excess IT to this organization to benefit over 80 youth & kids in Australia

Fusion Australia

Fusion Australia is a not-for-profit organization who creatively engages with young & disadvantaged communities to socially integrate them into the wider community.

Why should businesses get involved?

Businesses should get involved to donate their unwanted IT assets to positively impact the community by benefitting organizations through tech donation and fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility.

How can businesses get involved?

Businesses can get involved by filling out the form below to express your interest in this program. Alternatively, if you have already organized a collection service, contact us to let us know you’d like to change your recycling service to the giveback programme.

From here Rcube handles the destruction of your data, the handling & transportation from your facility to ours to Fusion

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    Data Destruction

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    Data Destruction
    Data Destruction Solutions in Sydney

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